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Extra Safety Lock / T-90010-00-0-*

TGP Systems presents Extra Safety Lock.

Extra Safety Lock is a product that can be used in all kinds of door and window hardware. Therefore, anyone who needs extra security can choose this product. Extra Safety Lock is a highly reliable product that can be applied against thieves. It also provides high safety for children against any unfortunate accident when installed on doors and windows out of reach of children.

The biggest advantage of Extra Safety Lock is that the parts to be assembled are very few and it is very easy to assemble. Another advantage is that it does not occupy too much space on windows and doors! The easy opening and closing of the locking pin of this product, which has a very high reliability, provides ease of use. In addition, users can easily see the “on” or “off” position.

-High protection for the window and doors. This system is ideal for children rooms, kindergartens, hotels, or student accommodation.

-Resistance to more than 1 ton pressure.

-Easy montage and can be used in aluminum, wood or pvc window&doors.

-Easy to operate, just push in and out. Easy to fit: Covered screws





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