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Guillotine Windows

Guillotine Windows

Motorized Guillotine Window & Door Systems

TGP proudly unveils its new innovative product, Motorized Guillotine Windows & Door Systems

What is Window Guillotine ?

A guillotine window is a window that moves vertically. The basic guillotine windows are made of two vertically sliding frames and manually powered. Today guillotine windows are with bottom or top fixed frames, opening from bottom to top or from top to bottom with several sliding frames. New generation window guilottine works with automatic remote control.

TGP Guillotine Windows

Our product is a vertical hung-sash retraction system that is ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, private, commercial and industrial buildings.

TGP Systems aluminium & glass retractable system is innovative, highly functional and beautiful to look at. Its main advantage is the lack of mullion profiles in open position. No view blockage. Sliding panels take up space when they are open, you don’t lose any space with a guillotine. The system also provides excellent ventilation. You have total control of retraction in all kinds of weather, in all levels of smoking environments. You can also customize the system by adding insect or sun screens. No excess light, no unwanted guests!


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