TGP Systems

Security Lock with Hook / T-90015-00-0-7

TGP Systems presents Security Lock with Hook.

It is a lock system that provides extra theft resistance protection that meets the security standards of DIN-18104-1.

It offers a security that prevents unauthorized and unauthorized access to your room with its hook and bolt system reinforced with steel plates and coded cylinder.

Provides ideal protection if you follow the assembly and operating instructions.


-It is resistant to 1 ton thanks to the hook and body reinforced with steel plates.

-Suitable for use on most types of conventional, tilt and turn, inward opening or sliding windows and doors

-Suitable for PVC, Wood, Aluminum and  metal windows and doors

-Lock and unlock with the key(the cylinder used in system is coded cylinder with 3 keys)

-Thanks to its height adjustment plates, it fits perfectly on Aluminum Wood and PVC doors and windows.

-Easy montage

-Powerful lock for windows and doors

-Babyproof, child secure,





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