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Zip Screen Systems & Outdoor Ziptrack Blinds

Zip Blinds

TGP Zip BlindsOutdoor Ziptrack are an indispensable decorational tool, especially in warm climates. Zip Screen systems are versatile and provide protection from sudden floods and summer sun glare without disturbing your outdoor breaks. Both functional and aesthetic, zipscreen systems also help save energy by providing insulation.

Zip Track BlindsOutdoor Zip Curtain prevent the heat transfer of vertical and curved windows. TGP zip is a motorized horizontal roller blind with an innovative compression and ceiling curtain technology. This provides a uniform fabric tension. TGP Zip Screen System is perfectly compatible with your home due to its discrete design. Zip curtain system, also known as zippered curtain, is a motorized curtain system. It is equipped with special fabrics such as roller blinds. It has high resistance and excellent durability in harsh environmental conditions such as wind and precipitation. Zip curtains are used in homes, offices and other commercial buildings. These curtains are produced from quality fabrics and are operated with an automatic control system. It adds an aesthetic appearance to all spaces. It appeals to every segment with its heat-saving quality fabric, color and texture.

Advantages and Details of Zip Curtain

-Modern and aesthetic.
-Provides protection from sun glare, wind and rain and sudden weather changes.
-Micro air perforated fabric structure circulates constant fresh air.
-Offers all the functions of blinds, awnings, mosquito nets, roller blinds, etc.
-Special textile fabric shows high resistance against environmental effects.
-Affects the appearance of the structures with its color varieties and provides aesthetic integrity.
-Offers high standards to the user with its remote control.


Prices of Zip Curtain

The prices of zip curtains are slightly higher than the mosquito net models due to the fact that they are specially produced and produced from very high quality materials. Prices may vary depending on the size and width. Buying disassembled products or including assembly service will also affect the cost. You can use the WhatsApp button on our site to get a quick quote.



Fabric Color Optıons

Soltis86 Series

Soltis92 Series


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