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Patio Enclosures

Coming from the same Spanish word, Patio means a courtyard of a house. A patio can be attached to the house as well as being a separate structure in the garden. Since it looks fancy, many people worry about the price when they think. This time, we explain screened in porch and ideas on what you can do to make your patio perfect for you. You can also find some DIY ideas to make your time at home more fun!

What is a patio enclosure?

Patio enclosures are to add glass or aluminium walls to a present roof system. This way, you can enjoy all seasons without exposing yourselves to rain, snow or bugs. This way, you maximize the quality time you spend at home. Since it increases the space at home, it is used for many different reasons. Usually used for a resting area or a gathering place for family and friends, patio enclosures also used as hobby rooms.

How to enclose a patio?

Both the price and how to enclose your patio change by how you’re going to use the room. A screen room, for instance, made by installing the walls (may be wood or concrete). The floor of screened in porch can either be at the same level as the garden or higher. Then come the windows. Choosing sliding panels  makes it breezy. TGP Sliding systesm offer fresh air circulation while you enjoy your time with your loved ones. There are also pre-manufactured screen rooms if you don’t like the entire how to process. When it’s done by professionals, the time to build it gets shorter and the process is more comfortable for homeowners. Once you have, you can realize all your DIY projects in this separate area without mixing up your living space. If you have a commercial restaurant, hotel, here are the guillotine window systems , rolling roof and pergola systems.

How much do patio enclosures cost?

If you’re on a budget yet want that patio enclosure so much, don’t worry. With patio enclosures, whether it’s a sunroom or screened-in porch, the price of windows comes with concerns as they cover the walls entirely and are essential to creating the ambience you’re looking for. TGP has a variety of window options suitable for every budget. This way, you can have your dream without compromising quality.

What’s the Difference Between a Wintergarden and A Patio Enclosure?

A wintergarden is an entirely newly built structure to make your home more spacious with glass windows. You can enjoy nature and your backyard all year long with your home comfort. A wintergarden can be built for many reasons; a resting area, a hobby space or winter garden with evergreens.
A patio enclosure, on the other hand, has already a floor and roof structure attracted to the house. It is usually preferred to use the entrance area more privately and open more space in the house.