what pergola

What is a pergola?

‘What exactly is a pergola?’

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what pergola


The word ‘Pergola’ derives from the Latin word ‘pergule’, meaning eave. The word is ‘pergola’ in Italian, meaning canopy, or awning.


Over time, the word gained universal usage and it means the same thing in nearly all languages. With a pergola awning system, it is possible to enclose vertical, twisted or roof-shaped openings with awnings. Pergola awning system is made of a special tent fabric, so it keeps you cool in summer and keeps out the rain in winter, as it is waterproof.


You could install window panels around your pergola awning system and transform your foldable awning into a winter garden. You could enjoy winter on your patio, garden or balcony and feel the open air.


With a pergola awning system, you could enjoy cool shadows during the day and watch the stars at night as you fold it away. You could control the size of your space with this system.


An awning is a must in today’s world where the climate changes are unpredictable. Pergola awning system keeps out the sun rays, dust, rain, wind and other outside factors, contributing to raise the quality of your lifestyle. An awning is your best bet for protection against sun rays and rain. A pergola awning system can easily be installed in balconies, gardens, cafes, restaurants and pool sides.

what pergola

What are the advantages of an awning system?


-Protection against the elements

-Comfort and protection

-Elegant and stylish

-Ease of use


The pergola awning system has a lot of attractive qualities and it is gaining popularity every day. Companies use the system for commercial advertisement purposes.


Protection against elements


Rain, mud, snow keep people from enjoying the use of their gardens and balconies in winter. An awning system will overcome all these problems and let you enjoy your space full time. An awning system is a necessity and not a luxury both for commercial and private properties. It will ease your life, transform your space and add value to your property.


Automatic Awning System Features


Both manual and automatic awnings can be installed based on the user’s preference. Automatic awning systems are generally preferred by customers as they are more convenient. They are extremely easy to fold, safe and very easy to clean. They use 230V electric motors, so they are easy to operate. All these features make the awning system an enjoyable product that adds to your comfort.


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