Winter Garden Systems

Winter Garden Systems Buying Guide

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What is a Winter Garden?

Winter season varies in different parts of the world. Regardless of whether these conditions are mild or extreme, people prefer integrating their living, work or commercial spaces with nature, open skies and outdoors. TGP Winter Garden Systems allows you to do all these even in the most extreme winter season.

The winter garden is an innovative system combining various advantages in its general design. It generates extra living spaces and suggests dozens of options. Depending on the request, glass ceilings can be opened or closed, fixed in place or partially opened.

Winter Garden Systems

Where to Use a Winter Garden System?

The limit on the use of winter garden systems is your imagination. It can be built in your own garden, on the balcony of your plaza, or in front of your workplace to use the patio enclosure for winter. TGP winter gardens are usually built-in so you don’t stay away from nature when the weather is cold or rainy. These areas, which give the feeling of a garden in cold seasons, are mostly in houses with gardens, rooftops of buildings, restaurants, shopping malls or terraces. They are also used as outdoor closure systems in areas with extremely hot temperatures.

Types of Winter Garden Systems

In addition to the structural Glass RoofPergola awningsRolling roof (bioclimatic)Winter Garden products, we carry complementary products to supplement your projects, such as Patio Enclosure SystemsGlazing systems as glass closure products, Sliding Systems that take up minimal space when opening, Wind break systems that provide wind protection for cafes, restaurants, balconies, Motorised Guillotine systems that add elegance and style to spaces, and various Zip screen systems that provide insect protection and add comfort.

Glass Roof Systems

Movable Glass Roof

                Automatic Glass Roof System is a ceiling system that closes with a remote control.

The heat-insulated size of the glasses provides shine. It gives you the chance to use the same daylight in your home both in cold and heat. You will catch the daytime sky watching the night stars transition. Indoor spaces turn into outdoors.

Fixed Glass Roof

Glass ceilings with special design aluminum profiles have a complete system approach. They are uninsulated winter garden enclosure systems with an aesthetic appearance that can be applied between 2°-22° inclination. Application of different geometric forms enables designs that meet and exceed your needs. Its special design steel support profile enables the user to carry out desired carrier reinforcements without disturbing the visual appearance.

Despite the thin appearance, its thick internal structure allows a durable and long-lasting winter garden. lnsulation wicks used in winter garden systems are manufactured in accordance with EPDM standards.

Pergola-Motorized Rooftop Awnings

TGP Pergola has an automatic folding function. Its folding and rail system features offer a space for summer and winter use. TGP Pergola can be used under adverse weather conditions without any carrier thanks to its poled structure and wide projection.

Pergolas & Awnings provide great advantages as they are very useful. Although it is said that awnings are mostly used in cafes and restaurants, they are also preferred for private use. Open areas of cafes, restaurants and private properties become usable both in summer and winter thanks to these awnings. These automatic awnings also add to the usage of the outside area. However, if the sun is too disturbing, they can be closed. In winter it encloses the area. Pergolas & Awnings can be used in gardens and terraces of residences. In other words, with automatic awnings, ease of use can be provided in every area in both summer and winter. They are used in places where cigarettes and hookahs are smoked for ventilation. They can also be used in open areas of hotels. Automatic awnings provide comfort in these areas and have been preferred by many people in recent years.

Rolling Roof / Bioclimatic

TGP Rolling Roof is a unique, one-of-a-kind fold-unfold inside and outside solution.

With adjustable panels, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight you want to let inside. The panels are foldable, so you can ventilate and still keep the shade you desire. Special design profiles let you keep the system open, have the desired ventilation and keep out rain and snow. Panel folding action provides easy cleaning and maintenance. No need to get on the roof for cleaning. The system can be painted any RAL color.

Rolling Roof is a roof system of aluminum panels that can be rotated about 105 degrees around its own axis and has bioclimatic features. The system has high insulation performance due to its airtight sealing systems. Snow load carrying capacity can go as high as 235 kg per sqm depending on dimensions. Wind resistance of the product can reach up to 123 km/h depending on dimensions. The system is capable of axial operation and retractability. Since it works axially, it can be opened up to 105 degrees. When the system is retracted, an opening of 70% is created. In rainy weather, when the system is open between 1% and 4%, it provides interior ventilation without water seepage.

Glazing Systems

TGP offers glazing system solutions for aluminum and PVC systems such as TGP Glazing Standard System, TGP Glazing Sliding System, TGP Glazing Lux System

Guillotine Systems

A guillotine window is a window that moves vertically. The basic guillotine windows are made of two vertically sliding frames and are manually powered. Meanwhile guillotine windows are with bottom or top fixed frames, opening from bottom to top or from top to bottom with several sliding frames. New generation guillotine windows work with automatic remote control.

Windbreak & Wind Shield Systems

Glass windbreaks are a fantastic way of providing shelter on your terrace or veranda, without restricting or confining the space.

TGP can advise on a range of glass windbreak solutions. As well as traditional fixed windbreaks we can also provide adjustable glass windbreak systems for additional flexibility, allowing you to change the layout of your space and adapt to the weather conditions.

It is a revolutionary glazing system product! Restaurant gardens, terraces, open areas of cafes, swimming pools and balconies or even in commercial or government buildings…

Just lift it up to remove wind affect! The panel is 110 cm high when closed, with a basic touch it rises up to 190 cm height and also descends down with a simple touch.

Sliding Systems

TGP offers a wide range of sliding system solutions for aluminum and PVC systems such as TGP Fortuna Tilt & Slide, TGP Felix Lift & Slide, TGP Fleet Fold & Slide, TGP Futura Slide

TGP Felix Lift & Slide is your ideal solution for large doors, terraces, balconies and gardens. TGP Felix is compatible with aluminum and PVC systems with special profiles.

TGP Fortuna is a tilt & slide for aluminum and PVC doors and windows. TGP Fortuna MA is compatible with manual and TGP Fortuna SA is compatible with semi-automatic systems. Tilt & Slide systems are ideal solutions if you are low on space.

TGP Fleet Fold & Slide systems are quite popular with new construction projects. This system keeps the room open to the outdoor or adjoining spaces, thus providing you with more flexibility.

TGP Fortuna and Fleet systems are compatible with aluminum and PVC systems. These can be used on both 16mm or EURO groove aluminum profiles.

Awning Systems

We are here with solutions suitable for your space and budget. We use premium quality materials, fabrics and motors in our products. More product details are below.

Cassette Awning

Cassette Awning is a system that protects the fabric against adverse weather conditions, extended sun exposure in particular. The system is automatic and also economically feasible since it provides low maintenance costs.

Articulated Awning

Our classical articulated awning is a highly acclaimed awning model since it’s sturdy and economically feasible. It’s also quite popular thanks to the aesthetic contribution of acrylic fabric and design to the overall appearance of the venues. All the construction is aluminum injection mold and powder-coated. The system is available both manual and motorised.

Window Awning

Window awning is an elegant, multi-functional product that provides protection to your spaces from the elements and provides an attractive, decorative and conceptual appearance to store and home windows, along with all kinds of doors such as balconies or entrances. The cassette of the system protects both the mechanism and the fabric. The system, which comes in various colors, is automatic and user-friendly. The tilt angle range is between 0-160°. which allows you to let in as much sunlight as you want.

Zip Screen Systems

TGP Zip Blinds – Outdoor Blinds are an indispensable decorative tool especially in warm climates. Zip Blind systems are versatile and provide protection from sudden floods and summer sun glare without disturbing your outdoor breaks. Both functional and aesthetic, zip blinds also help save energy by providing insulation.

How To Select the Right Winter Garden System?

As with all system products, there are some points that need attention when choosing winter garden systems. For making the right choice,

First, you need to determine what kind of system you want optimal for your budget.

Second, the chosen system must be compatible with the region you live in. When contacting us to determine the best system for your needs, we need to ask a few technical details such as wind, snow and rain loads in the region where the system will be installed. This will both prevent any unforeseen aftersales problems you may experience and ensure that you do not compromise on your comfort.

Finally, it is important to consider the installation area and the glass closing components to be installed under the overall system. In line with this requirement, appropriate systems are suggested by calculating the static balances that will weigh on the system.

Cost of Winter Garden Systems

Pricing of Wintergarden systems and winter patio enclosure ideas depend on a variety of factors. These structures, which are designed in accordance with your needs, can have a wide price range. The most important factors affecting the price in winter gardens can be listed as follows:

Square meter of the building

Material preference

Quality of material

Model preference

Roof model choice

Winter patio enclosure system to be installed


Workmanship quality

If you want to get an estimate, please contact TGP.

Other Things to Know Before Purchasing Winter Garden Systems

We are always here for you. We know that product availability, spare parts and aftersales service are important factors for our customers. Our primary goal is to provide you with reliable deliveries to minimize your stock and ensure that your production is efficient. TGP systems has a presence in each country with our warehouses and/or agents to improve service and meet goals. Each TGP system branch has its own strategy for better service. We offer availability of stock, fast delivery times, reliable delivery and installation in your country. We would like to hear your feedback on purchased TGP products to help us improve our service. Please check

Why TGP for Winter Garden Systems?

When you choose our products, you can rest assured that you are dealing with experts supplying top quality products at competitive prices, premium service with fast delivery and warranty. TGP designs and supplies complete Alu-PVC systems for construction industry. We carry a wide range of products both for private residences and commercial projects. We (patio cover company winter garden) are founded, owned and operated by a group of highly experienced business executives and we work with architects, investor and partner companies in Europe. We provide top quality at affordable prices, fast delivery, warranty and professional service.

You can get help from our Whatsapp Support Line for your questions.

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