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What is a glass balcony? Glass Panel Slide

Why Glass Coverage?

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What is a glass balcony?

Glass balcony systems have a simple working principle. Glass panels slide on aluminum rails. They fold and open at convenient locations on a balcony. A balcony is a stress-free zone, and it is an especially important living area in fast-paced urban environments. In the last few decades balconies were turned into enclosed areas with PVC and aluminum. This method turned a balcony into just another room in the house. A glass balcony overcomes this limitation and lets the balcony retain its function. Glass balcony systems provide flexibility to a balcony. You could close it up by surrounding it with glass and use it as ‘just another room’, or you could open and fold the glass and use it as a ‘free living area’.

Enclosing a balcony with PVC or aluminum created unpleasant building facades. A glass balcony does not have this problem. The material is glass and panel slides. Therefore, it is elegant to look at. It is compatible with any building’s architecture, and is tasteful. A glass balcony is not affected from environmental conditions. It also provides protection from unwanted outside factors such as noise, dust, leaves, pollen, insects and birds.

The systems use tempered or laminated safety glasses, ensuring user safety in case of breakage.

To recap Glass balcony systems;

 -Turn balconies into comfortable and practical living spaces as they can be opened or closed at will.

– Create elegant building facades by conforming to the architectural style of the building.

– Provide the user with extra flexibility and ease of use. The balcony can be used regardless of weather conditions.

– Keep out the undesirables and provide protection from noise, dust, leaves, pollen, insects, birds, bird nests and bird droppings.

-Contain rail profiles manufactured with heat barriers, providing heat insulation and clear inside-outside demarcation.

– Provide excellent sound and heat insulation as the glass is infused with magnetic components during heat treatment and tempering process.


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