Vertical Guillotine Windows Usage Areas?

TGP Vertical Retractable Window Systems are suitable for any kind of architectural space. The system can be used in residential units, multi-level façades, commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, stores, office buildings, cafés. It is suitable for building openings as regular window function or it can be combined with other aluminum systems such as upper coverings in a terrace. One of the finest features of Vertical Retractable Window’s is its capability to turn into a balustrade. Vertical retraction enables the glazing to pile into a modern balustrade structure. The aluminum profiles and the glazing meet at the bottom of the façade opening and the obstacles within the view range become completely removed. Thanks to its wide opening span capacity, the system can enclose a width of 6meters in one time. For residential spaces, a room can easily be converted into a balcony with TGP Vertical Retractable Window Systems. For restaurants, hotel rooftops the system provide flexibility and a more efficient usage of the physical space. TGP Window Systems are the perfect way to maximize profitable space in a venue. The minimal, clean-cut design of the system enables its adoptability to any kind of commercial space. Whether it is a fast-food restaurant or a fine dine eatery, vertical retractable window system will help the business owners develop loyal customers and convenient execution of the business. The integrity and the security this window/balustrade system offer makes it suitable for any building or space from places with a high-traffic circulation to a living room of a family.

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