Vertical Retracting Windows

TGP Vertical Retracting Windows Systems

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TGP Vertical Retracting Windows Systems

What is a vertical retractable window? It is definitely more than a window, that is for sure! TGP‘s vertical retracting windows define the emerging architecture of modern times by its new and technologic interpretation of architectural openings. Asking the questions what a window is and how should the modern “window” be, TGP created systems which are the contemporary realization of an opening in a building.

Modern architectural design asks for versatility and flexibility. A window serves the purpose of increasing ventilation and natural lighting in a space which are essential for human vitality and pyschological well-being. However, today people don’t believe in being contented with necessities, they require more from any product. At this point TGP presents the vertical retractable window systems. TGP Window Systems are much more than a simple window.

It surpasses the basic expectations from a window and provide more than just ventilation and natural lighting. This window system with the ability to retract downwards into a smaller size mean flexibility, originality, beauty for a space. It is the wow-factor for any given architectural space. In the century of innovation and improvement, keeping up with the modern and higher threshold of satisfaction becomes more and more important. Vertical Retractable Windows meet TGP’s principle of manufacturing quality systems with superior specifications while redefining this threshold each time. Vertical Retracting Window systems are the groundbreaking window systems in TGP’s range of products that initiate the phenomenon of motion in architecture. This system forms a better and improved quality for any architectural design.

Why Vertical Windows ?

– Connect your indoor with the outside world

– Fully automated and quite

– Maximum view avibility

– No limitation to usage space

– Better ventilation control

– Bring apeal to functional spaces

– No limitation to usable space

– Massive length without any frames in center

– Unique, functional and aesthetically atractive

Why to use Vertical Windows ?

Who should use the TGP Vertical Retractable Windows Systems? What is the greatest features of this architectural solution that benefits you the most? Well, TGP Vertical Retractable Windows System will be a perfect choice for any space requiring a window however, the system has different beneficiary features for each potential customer type whether an architect, a homeowner or business can find good reasons to choose TGP Vertical Retractable Windows System.

Architects can benefit from the professional assistance TGP provides in terms of site-specific offers, drawings, cad details and technical specifications. For any type of project, TGP professionals will provide the relevant information to the architect. The flexibility window system offers for spaces is also an advantage for the architects. They can design better spaces, utilizing it as both an indoor and outdoor area. The minimal design without any vertical or horizontal mullions within the frame also is an attraction for the projects. Homeowners can find the advantage of using their balcony spaces throughout the year no matter what the season is.

On winter people can close the vertically retractable window system and enjoy the view without being affected by weather conditions, and in summer they can obtain a large opening on the facade for the beautiful breeze and fresh air to come in. The system is developed specially to provoke flexibility and versatility in spaces. Businesses also find it especially useful to install TGP Vertical Retractable Windows Systems as they can increase the profitable area in their enterprise. All commercial spaces can use the aesthetics of TGP systems in them, but especially hotels, restaurants and cafes can enjoy the advantages the system is ready to offer.

Types of Vertical Retracting Windows :

TGP Vertical Retractable Window Systems are engineered in diffrent modles and formats to be able to reply to any architectural requirement. According to the desired opening percentage on the facade, suitable TGP system can be preferred.

Vertical Retracting Windows

Vertical Retracting Windows Usage Areas?

TGP Vertical Retractable Window Systems are suitable for any kind of architectural space. The system can be used in residential units, multi-level façades, commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, stores, office buildings, cafés. It is suitable for building openings as regular window function or it can be combined with other aluminum systems such as upper coverings in a terrace. One of the finest features of Vertical Retractable Window’s is its capability to turn into a balustrade. Vertical retraction enables the glazing to pile into a modern balustrade structure. The aluminum profiles and the glazing meet at the bottom of the façade opening and the obstacles within the view range become completely removed. Thanks to its wide opening span capacity, the system can enclose a width of 6meters in one time. For residential spaces, a room can easily be converted into a balcony with TGP Vertical Retractable Window Systems. For restaurants, hotel rooftops the system provide flexibility and a more efficient usage of the physical space. TGP Window Systems are the perfect way to maximize profitable space in a venue. The minimal, clean-cut design of the system enables its adoptability to any kind of commercial space. Whether it is a fast-food restaurant or a fine dine eatery, vertical retractable window system will help the business owners develop loyal customers and convenient execution of the business. The integrity and the security this window/balustrade system offer makes it suitable for any building or space from places with a high-traffic circulation to a living room of a family.

Vertical Retracting Windows Prices? / How much does it cost?

TGP Vertical Retractable Window System is specially designed for your projects. Our professional team of experts offer you the best possible system with the correct sizes and specifications after analyzing your requirements in order to obtain the perfect fit. The question of “How much is the window system?” depends on the size, glazing type, model and installation conditions, therefore following your request, TGP’s experienced team will prepare a custom offer for your project. In order to gain further information on our pricing policies, retractable system prices and installation costs, feel free to contact us from the information given on our contact page.

You can get help from our Whatsapp Support Line for your questions.

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