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TGP Systems in World Clean Up Day

TGP Systems Team has contributed to World Clean Up Day.

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TGP Systems has been collaborating with Junior Chamber International (JCI) organization for this world largest civil innitiative. TGP Team has contributed to World Clean Up day, and help to clean our world from its own locations, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia. TGP is an eco-friendly company which is very sensitive about environment.

The very last activity that our company have attended is World Clean Up Day. World Clean Up Day event has organized by JCI Turkey. As TGP we always try to support these kind of events.

What is ” World Clean Up Day” ?

“The movement was born 10 years ago in Estonia, when 4% of the population came out to clean the entire country of illegally dumped waste, in a matter of hours. This captured the imaginations of people worldwide, who were inspired to follow suit with the same ambitious ‘one country, one day’ formula.

world clean up dayThis was the beginning of a global bottom-up civic movement, Let’s Do It! World, which has spread like wildfire around the globe. The movement has grown to be the biggest of its kind in the world – uniting people from all corners of the planet to work together in cleaning the world of trash.

But, the Let’s Do It! movement has never been purely about cleaning up trash. It also works to raise global awareness and implement lasting changes to end the global waste epidemic, once and for all.

As Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, World Cleanup Day 2018 is the country’s gift to the world.

Results of  the 15th of September 2018

12,780,774 people in 144 countries participated in cleanups on 15 September 2018 – World Cleanup Day.

Thank you to everyone who took an active role in making the world a cleaner place.”

In only Turkey and North Cyprus,there were seventy thousand people have joined to the activity(according to JCI datas, but we assume that there were more participant because there were people independently from JCI) 40 ton of solid waste have collected . In Romania three hundred fifty thousand people have joined and collected 27 ton of solid waste.In Croatia two thousand people have collected 2 ton of solid waste. Finally in Serbia one thousand three hundred people have joined and collected 3.5 ton of waste.

TGP and Clean Up Day!world clean up day

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