TGP Systems in JCI Balkan Conference! - Aluminum and Upvc Systems TGP Systems in JCI Balkan Conference!

TGP Systems in JCI Balkan Conference!

TGP Systems product groups are widely used in Balkan countries more than 10 years.

TGP Systems product groups are widely used in Balkan countries since 10 years. You may find tilt turn accessories, window and door handles, paralel sliding (wolkswagen type of sliding) hardware and balustrades systems in many different cities. For instance, Romania,
Macedonia, Serbia and Crotia. In addition, TGP operates also in other Balkan countries. Any window and door accessories, machines, ready to montage fly screen systems, windows and doors for your home that can be easily served from all those locations. In addition, thanks to its long term distributors &partners in Bulgaria and Greece, TGP is developing his motto  “One strong brand across Balkans”.

What is JCI?

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities . JCI has approximately 169.000 member young leaders in their 20’s and 30’s from over 114 countries across the world are together. Common feature of its members; willing for self-improvement international expansion both on business and social basis. Through many local, national, global projects and activities, JCI members meet, learn, improve and supports its projects and activities.

Balkan Conference 2018

One of this activities are held in Istanbul, between 13-15 April.  “The Balkan Conference 2018 – New Business Culture in the Balkans”. Young entrepreneurs from seven countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are organized this event to build business bridges and attract capital for a new generation of business leaders. Thanks to this conference, people  exchanged know-how, discussed protocols and international treaties, open minds, invited angel investors and network. During this event TGP Systems has informed young entrepreneurs and members regarding its business organisations in Balkans. JCI members were really interested in the investment and employement opportunities that TGP Systems is providing with its own organisation in Balkan Countries. After finishing 1 hour session , many questions that asked by JCI members are also responded by TGP Systems.  Finally, JCI and TGP Systems have agreed to make more coopearation on social activities in Balkans in the coming years.