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Sliding Windows Replacement Guide

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Sliding Windows Replacement Guide


Sliding windows, also known as gliding or slider windows, are a popular and contemporary window style for hard to reach areas of the house. As the name indicates, this window style slides open, providing easy to access ventilation. Slider windows are a sleek style choice for any home type. Read below for more information on the features, pros and cons, pricing, and other details of sliding windows.

About Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a simple window style with clean lines and minimalist appeal. They require little to no decorative hardware and, while offered as an option, rarely have grids. This allows the window to highlight the light coming into your home and the unobstructed view outside.

sliding windows


Operation Instructions

These windows have no hinges and simply slide open and shut within their frame. This style of window does not extend outwards like casement windows, which are similar in shape. Sliders stay true to their name and open by pulling the handle horizontally, like a miniature patio door.




Sliding windows are manufactured in all of the common window materials, including vinyl and composite fiberglass materials. Vinyl frames are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, while composite frames tend to be more expensive, but also more durable. The best material for your window will depend on your budget, style and maintenance preferences. Brands differ substantially in the colors, grids, and other features they offer, so the best material also depends on the customization options you are looking for.



Pros and Cons


-They stay open easily.

-Slider windows are available in larger sizes than other styles of windows.

-Due to the construction of the frame, the weight of glass is not an issue as these windows become larger.

-They are easy to clean because all parts are easily accessible from inside the home.



-These windows are not the ideal style for regions that need windows that are extremely weatherproofed against cold or wind.

-They cannot open in the rain like awning windows, which are similar in aesthetic design.

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