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Single vs Double Hung Windows

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What are single and double-hung windows?

A single hung window and a double-hung window are essentially similar in terms of pieces of window sashes they include. The difference between them is the number of sashes that move.

A single hung window consists of two window sashes.  The upper sash doesn’t move, the lower sash moves vertically and offers easy use to ventilate the room.

A double-hung window has two window sashes too. But, unlike a single hung window, the upper sash is also portable. This makes a difference in the price as well as the convenience of cleaning the windows.


2-Difference between single and double-hung windows

The first and most known difference between a single hung window and a double-hung window is the upper sash. The upper sash is stationary in a single hung window and portable in a double-hung window.

This difference creates two different ways of using the window.

  • Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, windows are crucial in saving energy for both nature and your home economy.  While single hung windows are great at ventilation, double-hung windows are better at ventilation with portable sashes. Thus the double-hung windows are energy efficient.

  • Cost

‘’Are double-hung windows more expensive’’ is a common question about the two window style. Since the installation differs from each other, so does the pricing.

Single-hung windows are cheaper compared to double-hung windows. However, if you live in a humid place and the need for fresh air is essential, double-hung windows may be better for you in the long term.

  • Cleaning Convenience

Single-hung windows are harder to clean since the upper sash doesn’t move. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, have two portable window sashes and easy to clean inside and outside of windows.

3- Why use double-hung windows instead of single hung windows?

Depending on your personal preferences, both window types offer advantages. Using double-hung windows make your surroundings ventilate better and faster. With two portable window sashes, this type is the energy-efficient one.

Double-hung windows are also trouble-free when it comes to cleaning. With a single hung window, it’s hard to clean thoroughly since the upper sash is stationary.

Why use European  windows instead of single/double hung windows?

European windows are much stronger and user friendly windows compared to single/double hung windows. Here are the main advantages of European windows vs single/double hung windows;

Cost: More expensive in inital costs. (  10-30% , depends on the quality of glass)

Maintenance Cost : No cost difference

Cleaning: Easy to clean.

Sash Features: Open-Close and Tilt-Close positions.

Ventilation: Best ventilation. Please check ventilation of windows

Security: Best security. Please check security of windows

4- What are the advantages?

To find the best window for your home, here are the advantages of each window!

Single-hung windows are picture-perfect choices for both modern and sweet home moods. The cost also differs. They are cheaper and when maintained well, last for a long time.

Double-hung windows are better ventilators. On hot summer days and winter days as well, fresh air circulation is important for your overall health.

European windows are perfect ventilators. The security of European windows are much better compared to single/double hung windows.

european windows

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