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Guillotine Window Door - TGP Systems Aluminum and uPVC

guillotine window

Welcome to TGP Guillotine System. Here you may understand guillotine door and window systems, above all you can get free guillotine quote.

What is Guillotine Window?

A guillotine window is a window that moves vertically. The basic guillotine windows are made of two vertically sliding frames and manually powered. Meanwhile  guillotine windows are with bottom or top fixed frames, opening from bottom to top or from top to bottom with several sliding frames. New generation guilottine windows works with automatic remote control.



Standard  Dimensions;

Min. height 1750 mm max height 3250 mm (with glazing & box), Min. width 1000 mm, max width 4000 mm (with glazing & sash)

Special Dimensions

Please ask for special dimensions . Our engineers will check possibilities. Just an example we can have 1500  mm width & 3650 mm system  with some restirictions.

Glass Options:

Triple glass (32 mm), Double glass (24 mm or 20 mm), Single glass 10 mm (tempered)

Colour Options:

Profile colours RAL or Anodised  ( profile caps gray or black colour)

Profile Options:

System can be prepared with thermal insulation profile or with standard profile.

Guillotine System Options:

With Thermal Insulation Profiles: Top Panel Stationary (TPS) or Bottom Panel Stationary (TBS)

With Standard Profiles: only Standard Bottom Panel Stationary (SBS)

Panel Options:

1 fix +1 mobile or 1 fix + 2 mobile or 1 fix + 3 mobile panels

Test Certificate of TGP Guillotine Window?

TGP guillotine system has conformity refer to EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016 Notified testing laboratory permit no: CPR 04-NB 2145/25.09.14

Where to Use Guillotine Windows?

Vertical sliding window system that can be used in restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. It lets you to manage the open close levels, during the wind, rain or refer to smokers mood.

We need project  dimensions to prepare price offer which can be prepared with glass or without glass (Glass can be supplied locally)

Guillotine Window Quote


    32 mm (Double glass)32 mm (Triple Glass)
    24 mm (Double glass)
    24 mm (Double glass)32 mm (Triple Glass)
    10 mm (Single Glass)20 mm (Double Glass)


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