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Motorised Guillotine Windows bring the panorama into the building!

Ease of use and elegant, aesthetic look!

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nice restaurantMotorised Guillotine Windows bring the panorama into the building!

Drinking your tea in a cafe while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea, or having  dinner at a nice restaurant where the air circulation is perfect. Hot chocotale has never been this delicious in the heat efficient and sound insulated winter garden.

These are the kind of moments where we enjoy the most of our time, leaving all the problems behind the doors and just live in that moment. Are those moments so far away?  Well, not anymore.

TGP Motorised Guillotine Windows seamlessly provide an environment where indoor and outdoor become one.

The guillotine is a folding, remote controlled window system that can be used to regulate air flow and heat efficiency. You will have panaroma and add space through open interiors, flooding rooms with light and creating perfect, enjoyable living enviroments.

The vertical hung-sash retraction guillotine window system is all-weather use, in areas such as cafes, bars, nice restaurant, winter gardens,  private, commercials houses, industrial buildings, roof floors and hotels.  Thanks to its special sash-carrying mechanism, the sashes could stay at the point where they are released. This feature enables the window to be used safely and opened up to the desired height.

Ease of use elegant, aesthetic look!

The guillotine windows are not only easy to use, but also provide such an aesthetic look.  As the mechanism does not enclose the entire space, you may use more space thanks to TGP Motorized Guillotine Window System.

Thanks to the remote controlled  system, guillotine windows provide a comfortable experience to the user. The motorised guillotine windows can be opened as much as the user wishes. When the motorised window is opened completely, it looks like an elegant railing.  Due to its elegant appearance, guillotine windows ensure customer satisfaction which TGP Systems  aims to provide.

Due to the system, users can increase the efficiency of air circulation. When you close the sashes completely, the system provides heat, air and sound insulation.

To provide you with this magnificient experience, we need dimensions to be able to offer  to your specific needs. For more details, please subscribe to our TGP Systems Youtube Channel, follow us on social media or get in touch with our expert team via mail @

nice restaurant                              nice restaurant                              nice restaurant


nice restaurant


nice restaurant

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