Lift and Slide Systems (Hebeschiebe)

What are the Lift and Slide systems(Hebeschiebe) and where can we use them?

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What are the Lift and Slide systems(Hebeschiebe)?

Lift and slide systems(hebeschiebe) are the systems that allows you to house large windows of your home,workplaces, terraces,balconies and gates to gardens to combining your landscape with the outside, by giving you the opportunity to using the widest possible glass surface to cover it in a stylish and practical way.

HebeschiebeWhy you should choose TGP lift and slide system ?

– First of all our systems provide usability and application options for wide measurement ranges.
– You can  make  sash  for 300 cm width, 280 cm height and maximum 300 KG weigth.
– Moving  the sash which is for 300 KG.
– Covering  a space  for  300cm x 1200 cm with 4 sash applications.
– Removes the insulation problem with the special gasket as it appears on  basic sliding systems.
– Allows  making  ventilation without any security problem  with the feature of fixing at the desired point on the moving sash.
– Provides  appropriate solutions without compromising on insulation and security
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