life without walls.

What Makes those Guillotine Windows so Special?

TGP Motorized Guillotine Window System

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Transform your space, experience life without walls.

Nowadays,  the modern corporate life locks us up into grey buildings. Most of the time, all we see is the walls and high buildings with small windows.  Not only our working enviroments; but also our houses, most of the cafes and restaurants are giving us a similar feeling;  as they disconnect us from the nature, too.

TGP Motorised Guillotine Window System is now providing a unique opportunity  to transform your space and experience life without walls.

life without walls.

So, what makes those guillotine windows so special?

First of all, the motorised window system provides stunning solutions for enclosing commercial or residential properties. Guillotine automatic glazing windows enable to hold large panels of glass, the system provides homes with a more immerse feeling than other similar products.
These windows consists of two vertical sliding frames that are able to hold up to 250kg of glazing.
Suitable for the coverage of a building opening, especially when saving space is required.

The features of TGP Motorized Guillotine Window System;

Frame & Panels : The vertical sliding sash window suitable to create full floor to ceiling elevations of smooth sliding glass with slim 24mm horizontal framing. The slim framed sash windows can hold panels of glass with a maximum width of 4000mm and height of 900mm.  The sizes of the panels are related with the weight and project details. The whole window guillotine systems  consist of 2 or 3 panels.

Glass: Glass thickness in total can be  max 18 mm. Any glass available on request.

Colors : The motorised guillotine windows can be manufactured in various surfaces with powder coating or anodised surface technique.

Now, it is time to transform your space,  feel connected with nature, enjoy the life experience and change your mood. Does it sound too much? A very simple action can ensure all.  We hear you say, “ So, what is this simple action?”  Here it is;

Visit TGP System website, social media channels and  blogspot to learn more details and get in touch with TGP Systems’ expert team on  Our team will gladly be supporting you during this journey.

life without walls.                              life without walls.                              life without walls.

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