How Secure Are uPVC Windows And Doors? - Upvc Aluminum How Secure Are uPVC Windows And Doors?

How Secure Are uPVC Windows And Doors?

How Secure Are uPVC Windows And Doors?

How Secure Are uPVC Windows And Doors?

It goes without saying that since doors and windows are the means of entry into any building. They should be ably constructed and should provide adequate security. Now, the construction and the type of material used to manufacture these doors and windows is what matters when it comes to how secure they are. In this scenario, uPVC as a material is being preferred ubiquitously due to its functional benefits. Together with uPVC frames and specialized tempered & laminated glass and you have highly secure windows and doors.





The strength and security of uPVC profiles

For the uninitiated, uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a highly popular industrial polymer that finds usage in architecture and construction industries. It is used to construct the frames and profiles for doors and windows, and offers a lot of advantages.

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It is easy to install and repair, and requires absolutely minimal maintenance. Since uPVC is weather-proof, it does not get damaged by rain, dust, wind, and other effects of climate. Also, unlike wood, it does not get infested with termites or damaged by humidity. Unlike aluminium and other metal frames, uPVC does not corrode or undergo pitting. This means that, structurally, uPVC windows and doors remain consistent and durable throughout the years.

Security glass and burglar-resistant glass

Another way uPVC windows and doors are made secure is by installing impact-resistant and burglar- proof glass in between the frames for the best results. There are basically two types of security glass solutions for uPVC windows and doors: safe breakage high grade tempered glass and impact-resistant laminated glass and glazing.

High grade tempered glass is very important part of windows and doors. This imparts the glass a strength that is several times more than ordinary annealed glass. One of the most important properties of tempered glass is that in the event of shattering, it breaks into tiny harmless pebble-like pieces and not shards. This prevents any injury to anyone present nearby during the impact.