double hung windows

Double Hung Windows and Bi-fold Windows

Advantages of these types of windows

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Double hung windows

Double hung windows feature two vertically moving sash panels. The top panel moved down and the bottom panel moves up. This allows you to open and close both the bottom and top panels independently. Windows can be locked in the open position, helping to keep your home secure if you want to leave your windows open slightly for ventilation while you’re asleep or out of your home for a bit.


Double hung windows lend themselves to openings that are tall and narrow  Some people like them as they are able to adjust the airflow by moving bot the top and bottom panels.  With easy adjustment of sash tensioners, the double hung design appeals to you if you need an easy-to-operate solution. There is the option of fixing the bottom sash in place and to open just the top sash, this  helps to protect against accidents occurring, such as little ones trying to climb out. Read more about scenarios where double-hung windows make perfect sense for your house.


Advantages of double hung windows include:


Superior ventilation. Allowing maximum air flow helps allow cool, fresh air in while releasing warm, stale air out. This helps improve air quality and naturally cools the home.

Aesthetically pleasing. Known for their classic appeal, double hangers are suitable for any home or room. They work well in traditional or contemporary home designs.

Easy maintenance. Double hung windows often come with tilt-out sashes that make cleaning easier, allowing you to clean both the interior and exterior from inside your home. Because minimal maintenance is required, this option is bound to last a pretty long time.

Safe design. Because double hung windows don’t crank out, their design eliminates the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas, such as walkways, decks, and patios.

double hung windows

Bi-fold windows


The aluminium bi-fold window offers an excellent way to maximise window space without compromising on style. They are used in kitchens opening to an entertainment area and allowed you to use them as a servery window when entertaining. Unlike windows that tilt open or slide open halfway, bi-fold windows allow you to fully open a window space to its maximum range. The window panes in bi-fold settings fold neatly to the left or right, providing optimal living space.


Aluminium bi-folding windows are perfect for kitchens and entertaining areas, as they make fantastic servery windows, allowing you to engage with visitors outside while you work in the kitchen. And they can make your space feel instantly larger and brighter.


Bi-fold windows have advantages such as:


Optimising open space. When fully open, bi-folding windows provide an open living space with a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and making your space seem larger.

Durability. Bi-fold windows are typically mounted with a roller system and reinforced frames to provide maximum durability.

Ease of use. The simple locking mechanism and smooth gliding rail allow you to easily release and push open the window. Cleaning is also made easy with access to either side of the pane.

double hung windows                              double hung windows                              double hung windows

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