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Door Handle Parts Names

The door is one of the most special structures used in your living spaces. We can express that doors carry human life to a perfect point in many ways, especially security. Visual quality on interior doors reveals an effect that complements the decoration. On the other hand, for external doors, the visual quality is more aimed at influencing those who see your home from the outside.

Each of the door pieces is very valuable, regardless of its purpose and outcome. Below you can examine the most valuable parts. All these parts ensure that your door is more robust and high quality.

What are the parts of a door handle?

When examining the most valuable parts of the door handles there are many options. We will consider both what is visible from the outside and what is not visible. In this context, each part below has a great value. You should check all parts for the door and door handle.

Knobs and Levers

Knobs and levers will be the first parts that will hit you in the eye when you look at the door. These pieces are the most valuable elements of the door handle. It is necessary to express that these parts that allow you to cross the door are usually in the form of around. However, shape differences are likely to occur in these parts. Because there could be some design differences.

The Latch mechanics

One of the most important parts of the door handles is the latch mechanics. This mechanism is one of the parts that allow the door to remain closed. It can be of different types depending on the type of door. For this reason, the fact that the door is one of the storm doors, sliding doors, screen doors, or patio doors options causes this mechanism to differ.

Strike Plates and Boxes

These two parts that allow it to close when you push the door are pre-connected parts related to the door lever. Because the purpose of the door lever is to open or close the door. In a system without these parts, it is impossible to talk about opening and closing. A strike plate has a gap in the middle part and is combined with the door frame. It forms a whole with boxes. For this reason, if the door handle parts are mentioned, it is necessary to remember these two elements.

Door Knob Lock

Doorknob locks are generally considered an unusual alternative. Because doorknobs are usually unlocked pieces. But it is also possible to have a lock-in this part according to preference. For this reason, you should be careful to be meticulous when making your choice.

As TGP Systems, we bring together all of the door handle parts. You can find all options you will use in your home or workplace. You should know the parts of the door handle well. No matter what the type of door is. Because in this regard, you may face various changes and maintenance and repair processes.