Bring the Feng Shui Energy inside your home with TGP Felix System - Bring the Feng Shui Energy inside your home with TGP Felix System

Bring the Feng Shui Energy inside your home with TGP Felix System

TGP Felix System is the Best

Bring the Feng Shui Energy inside your home with TGP Felix System


  TGP Felix Lift & Slide System helps you to connect with  Feng Shui Energy. Does it sound unrelated to you? We hear you say ; “ YES”, but it is actually not.
Did you know that; 3 out of 10 Main Feng Shui rules are related to your window and door systems in your enviroment?  Well, now you knowJ  Here, we want to share a bit more detailed information to help you to understand how TGP Felix Lift and Slide Systems may help you to connect with Feng Shui and positive energy that it brings.

Clean, clear and wider look.

Sunlight naturally energizes and wakes us up. Sunlight also vibrantly renders all of the colors and objects that we see. Therefore, our places become more expansive, vibrant, and energetic . To create good feng shui in your place, bring more sunlight into your building with lift and slide system; that are perfect fit to cover larger spaces and provide clearer view.

Thanks to features of  TGP Felix Lift and Slide System  such as;  providing up to 300 cm width and 280cm height,  it metaphorically wakes us up to see the world around us with the most color, clarity, and precision.


Give your doors more attention.

In feng shui, doors represent your voice and communication. Doors are also portals in which opportunities can come into your life. This is why your doors deserve a bit of your attention.

TGP Felix Lift & Slide Door System not only helps you to impress your neighbours and guests, but also provides high energy efficient doors at the same time. Removes the insulation problem with the special gasket as it appears on  basic sliding systems. Ventilation feature helps you to benefit from fresh air and can help your family feel better both physically and emotionally.

Lift & Slide doors make large glazing areas, sunny rooms and a comfortable living quality. The Lift & Slide doors are very stable and open the possibilities for several design options. The design of the profile and the threshold provide a harmonious overall impression of the door.


Be spacious

In life, there are always some particular factors or areas that has more importance over the others and it is the same in the world of Feng Shui, too. Feng Shui always takes priority on the 3 most essential areas of our house ; living room, bedroom  and the kitchen, before it takes care of the other areas. Hebeschibe systems are avaliable to use in all major areas of your places to bring most positive vibes into your life.

Your home and/or your working places are your shelters. These are the places where you need to be more proactive, efficient, happy and rested. Offering gratitude to your places is simple. Just speak to them with a humble heart and say thank you by using wide range of TGP Systems products.