Lift and Slide

Why choose TGP Felix Lift and Slide Window and Door Systems?

Advantages of Hebeschiebe Lift & Slide Systems

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Lift and slide door or window will give you an unlimited panorama that is not available in standard systems. If your living space requires lots of sunlight or has an excellent vista that would be a crime to block , this is the ideal solution for you.

Vista & Sunlight  Lift and SlideElegance & Simplicity

TGP Felix Lift & Slide systems are not only efficient, but they look good, too. The elegance and simplicity of these innovative systems make them valuable additions to any building.


These systems are highly energy efficient, easy to use, very functional, and easy on the eyes. TGP Felix Lift & Slide systems will not only add elegance to your living space, they will let you enjoy the outdoor breeze from the comfort of your home.

Barely There

Our product takes up minimum space. Rail protrusion is so tiny that it is barefoot-friendly. With this product, you have freedom, the fresh outdoors and outstanding sound insulation.

Glides on air

The system slides so smooth, you can just relax and have fun.


5 1 vote
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