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Benefits of Horizontal Sliding Windows

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If you’re in the market for new or replacement windows, you have many styles to choose from. Two popular options are horizontal slider windows and single or double hung windows. If you’re not sure which of these two styles is best for you, consider the features and benefits of each to help you decide.

replacement windowsFeatures of Horizontal Sliding Windows

Also simply called sliding windows, this option opens horizontally along a track in the window frame. These windows tend to be twice the size of single or double hung windows, and may or may not feature muntins to divide the panes.

Benefits of Horizontal Sliding Windows

Larger window: Aluminium horizontal sliding windows let you take in a more expansive view thanks to their larger size. This also allows more natural light to enter the room. You may open larger windows wider, maximizing natural ventilation when you need it. The average sliding window is large enough to fit a box fan so you can really get the air moving.

Better efficiency: With their basic functionality and fewer moving parts, horizontal slider windows tend to boast higher efficiency ratings than the average double hung window. Temperatures out do not effect you thanks to the  tight seal of a sliding window.

Easy to clean: When it’s time to clean the outside of your second-story sliding windows, the operable pane pops out easily to simplify this task. No more need to hire professional window washers!

Features of Single and Double Hung Windows

You may operate by sliding vertically both single and double hung windows.  Single hung windows have a fixed upper sash and operable lower sash. Double hung windows feature two operable sashes for greater versatility. Some double hung windows have a full screen. While others require you to adjust the position of a half-screen depending on how you open the window.

Benefits of Single and Double Hung Windows

Excellent versatility: If you have plans for a whole wall of windows, or an architecturally intriguing bay window, you may choose single or double hung windows. They work well in a row, where you can maximize views of the outdoors and increase ventilation.

Great for children’s bedrooms: For ventilating your child’s room, a double hung window is a safe choice because you can lock the lower sash and open the upper sash. This way, you invite a cool breeze to enter without risking the possibility of your child climbing out the window.

Air conditioner friendly: Sliding windows may be able to house box fans, but installing a window A/C is effortless with single and double hung windows. Simply open the lower sash. Than set the A/C in place, extend the wings to the left and right. Lower the upper sash tightly against the unit. To install window air conditioners in sliding windows, you need a perfectly sized piece of Plexiglas to fill the void above the unit.

Easy to clean: If the ability to easily clean your windows is a priority, look for single and double hung windows that feature tilt-in sashes. This prevents the need to hire a professional window washer, even for upper story windows.

Both of these window styles have benefits you’re sure to enjoy in your home. For more information about replacement windows , horizontal sliders and single and double hung windows, please contact TGP Systems today.

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