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TGP Fleet Slide and Fold Systems


Slide and Fold Systems are a popular choice for new constructions, this door keeps rooms open and flexible to the outdoors or adjoining spaces.

If you want to try a practical, stylish way to maximising space and minimising the barriers between the inside and out, you can find them in slide and fold system.

This systems offer extensive freedom of design, high process safety, cost and time saving production, few tools required

You can find the figure sets of TGP Fleet Slide – Fold Systems below;

FS-401 – Runner Set

FS-402 – Runner Connector Set

FS-403 – Slide-Fold Runner Support Part, for Aluminium Systems

FS-404 – Rail Set (3000 /4000 /5000 /6000 mm)

FS-405 – Slide-Fold Hinge

FS-406 – Slide-Fold Hinge Support Part

FS-407 – Folding Catch


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    TGP Felix Lift and Slide SystemsTGP Fleet Slide and Fold SystemsTGP Fortuna Paralel Sliding SystemTGP Future Sliding System

    uPVCInsulated AluminumNon-insulated Aluminum

    Double GlassTriple Glass


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