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TGP Future Sliding System

Why TGP Futura Sliding System?

· Practical for sliding type doors and windows up to 250 kg sash weight.
· Silent locking and unlocking with it’s long-lasting and secure functionality.
· Ergonomic and modern design.
· Excellent harmony between the hardware and sash weight.
· High insulation and sealing pressure with locking elements at every corner.
· Smart design: A carrying capacity up to 150 kg with 2 carts; and from 150 kg to 250 kg with 4 carts.
· High impermeability provided with seal pressure on four sides.
· Full locking and opening made effortless with the highly efficient striker desing.


Specially designed for for DECAUNINCK Legend Slide and KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 Profiles


SF‐1015‐08‐L‐1: Espagnolette 770, Backset 15, Left
SF‐1015‐08‐R‐1: Espagnolette 770, Backset 15, Right
SF‐1015‐13‐L‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 15, Left
SF‐1015‐13‐R‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 15, Right
SF‐1030‐13‐L‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 30, Left
SF‐1030‐13‐R‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 30, Right
SF‐1130‐13‐L‐1: Espagnolette with cylinder, 1270, Backset 30, Left
SF‐1130‐13‐R‐1: Espagnolette with cylinder, 1270, Backset 30, Right
SF‐1040‐13‐L‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 40, Left
SF‐1040‐13‐R‐1: Espagnolette 1270, Backset 40, Right
SF‐1140‐13‐L‐1: Espagnolette with cylinder, 1270, Backset 40, Left
SF‐1140‐13‐R‐1: Espagnolette with cylinder, 1270, Backset 40, Right
SF‐1200‐10‐L‐1: Extension 1032, Left
SF‐1200‐10‐R‐1: Extension 1032, Right
SF‐1200‐12‐L‐1: Extension 1232, Left
SF‐1200‐12‐R‐1: Extension 1232, Right
SF‐1516‐00‐0‐1: Interlock Side Locking (Male &Female) KM 76
SF‐1517‐00‐0‐1: Guide Pins Spacer KM 76
SF‐1518‐00‐0‐1: Sash Striker ‐KM 76
SF‐1519‐00‐0‐1: Frame Striker‐ KM 76
SF‐2203‐R: Steel Striker ‐ Right
SF‐2203‐L: Steel Striker ‐ Left
SF‐2520‐15: Roller 150 kg (uPVC)
SF‐2521‐15: Roller 150 kg (aluminum)
SF‐2001‐14: Support Part for Roller 14 mm
SF‐2001‐32: Support Part for Roller 32 mm
SF‐2530: Centering Part
SF‐2240: Top&Bottom Locking Striker
SF‐2205: Standard Striker
SF‐2520‐25: Roller 250 kg (uPVC)
SF‐2521‐25: Roller 250 kg (aluminum)
SF‐2210: First Level Frame Striker
SF‐2212: Second Level Frame Striker
SF‐2220: First Level Sash Striker
SF‐2222: Second Level Sash Striker


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