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TGP Felix Lift and Slide Systems

Why TGP hebeschibe, lift and slide, system ?

– Provides usability and application options for wide measurement ranges .
– Allows making sash for 300 cm widht, 280 cm height and maximum 300 KG weigth.
– Allows moving the sash which is for 300 KG.
– Allows covering a space for 300cm x 1200 cm with 4 sash applications.
– Removes the insulation problem with the special gasket as it appears on basic sliding systems.
– Allows making ventilation without any security problem with the feature of fixing at the desired point on the moving sash.
– Provides appropriate solutions without compromising on insulation, security and tableau

You can find our product codes that are related to Lift and Slide Systems below;

Kit (200kg/300kg)
Front Roller, Rear Roller, Spacer Roller, Spacer Gear, Locking Bolt, Locking Bolt Night Vent, Rear Roller Spacer-Plastic, Guide for Road, Rear Stopper

HS-10128-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
HS-10128-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
HS-10128-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
HS-10128-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
HS-10128-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm

HS-10138-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
HS-10138-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
HS-10138-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
HS-10138-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
HS-10138-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm

HS-40001-0-0-* ; Internal Handle without Cylinder and Screw Base
HS-40002-0-0-* ; Internal Handle with Cylinder and Screw Base
HS-40003-0-0-* ; Double Handle without Cylinder
HS-40004-0-0-* ; Double Handle with Cylinder
HS-40005-0-0-* ; External Handle

HS-10000-15-0-1; Connecting Rod 720-1500
HS-10000-20-0-1; Connecting Rod 1501-2000
HS-10000-25-0-1; Connecting Rod 2001-2500
HS-10000-32-0-1; Connecting Rod 2501-3200

HS-310 ; Bottom Keeper Vent
HS-308 ; Sash Aligment Part
HS-307 ; Additional Roller
HS-312 ; Sealing Piece
HS-313 ; Treshold Profile

HS-10300-00-985-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Geneo S985 Kit

HS-10300-00-785-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Brillant S785 Kit

HS-10300-00-172-1 ; 300 kg Salamander S172 Kit

HS-10300-00-900-1 ; 300 kg Gealan S9000 Kit

HS-10300-00-082-1 ; 300 kg Veka Slide S82 Kit

HS-10300-00-001-1 ; 300 kg Veratec Hebeschiebe System Kit

HS-10300-01-300-1 ; 300 kg Alumil M300 Falcon Kit

HS-10200-01-560-1 ; 200 kg Alumil S560 Kit

HS-10300-01-680-1 ; 300 kg ELVIAL 6800 OPTIMUM KIT

HS-10300-01-230-1 ; 300 kg Exalco Albio 230 Kit

HS-10200-01-235-1 ; 200 kg Exalco Albio 235 Kit

HS-10300-01-055-1 ; 300 kg Akpa HS 55 Kit

HS-10200-01-065-1 ; 200 kg Sistem Aluminium S 65 Kit

HS-10200-01-047-1 ; 200 kg M 147


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