Why Should You Use Mortise Locks

What is a Mortise Lock and Why Should You Use Mortise Locks?

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What is Mortise Lock?

Mortise locks contain security systems that you can use by placing them in the slot of your door.

TGP offers many solutions in order to fullfill different aspects and inquiries from its customers.

TGP provides mortise lock for PVC and Aluminum Joineries ,

* TGP Focus Mortise Lock, PVC, 85mm

* TGP Focus Mortise Lock, PVC, 92mm

* TGP Focus Mortise Lock, PVC, with roller

* TGP Focus Interior Mortise Lock, PVC

* TGP Focus WC/ Bathroom Mortise Lock, PVC and ofcourse locking plates for multipoint door locks.

Where And Why to Use Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock is a type of lock that makes the doors safe with its durable structure. You can use it on your home main entrance door, balcony, garden or office doors. The type of mortise locks we carry can be practically mounted on your door. Thanks to their durable makeup, they are impervious against impacts or wear.

We also carry fire resistant mortise lock systems for fire exits and emergency exit doors. We have mortise lock models with different options, for every budget and every specific usage request, on our website. Mortise door locks can be used on exterior as well as inside doors of your home.

Why you need to use mortise lock?

Burglars prefer to break in through doors, so improved door security is paramount

Mortise locks are reliable and strong, offering solid door security

Their classical appearance makes them more attractive than cylinder locks

They’re versatile so you can use them with all kinds of doors and cylinders

Prices and Cost

For mortise lock prices, please review the products on our website and contact TGP. We carry a wide range of products for every budget. We are sure you will find the mortise lock model with the technical features you need in our selection. We have high quality mortise lock options with different functions that can be used in any door type.

Replacement of Mortise Lock

If you want to replace your old mortise with a brand new one, you just need to follow the below steps in order. 

Remove the old lock by removing each screw on it.  After you remove the old lock from its frame, you need to measure the distance a) between centre of handle hole and barrel hole and b) between the handle hole and lock faceplate. Note these down as they will be needed for the selection of a new mortise lock.

Why Should You Use Mortise Locks

Parts of Mortise lock

Below are the componenst of mortise lock.

  1. Latch
  2. Bolt
  3. Spindle
  4. Cover
  5. Barrel hole
  6. Plate
Why Should You Use Mortise Locks


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