What Are Winter Garden Models?

The area, which is designed as a winter garden, can be used in many ways according to preference. Considering the characteristics of the area to be used as a winter garden, the most suitable model should be preferred. What distinguishes the models from each other may be their physical appearance or structural differences in the materials used. They can have a rectangular structure in terms of physical appearance, or they can be designed in round or different geometric shapes. In addition, colored glasses with different properties can also cause a physical difference. Structural differences are due to the various features of the glass or borders used in the construction of the winter garden. As glass, insulating glass, which is produced by the system of putting gas between two or more glass plates, is used. Glasses that do not show the inside, which also have different advantages, and sun-filtered glasses also provide structural differences. Models with aluminum frames that can be cleaned and do not rust are also frequently preferred due to their ease of use. In addition, the special wicks on the glass borders are an important feature found in many models in terms of adding a leak-proof feature to the winter gardens. To summarize, the models that are frequently used in the design of winter gardens are as follows:

Open-close models
Sliding models
Foldable models
Models Consisting of Glasses with Different Properties

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