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TGP Fortuna Paralel Sliding System

Tilt & Slide doors are the best solution if you have little or limited space inside your home. Our doors open fully by sliding to provide a large open area perfect for the summer. Or, they can be tilted inwards for efficient and regulated ventilation while keeping your home and family safe and secure.

You can find our related product codes below;

T-18100-00-R-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Right

T-18100-00-L-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Left

T-18101-00-0-* ; Accessories Kits

T-18103-00-0-1 ; Stay Arm

T-18102-00-0-* ; Stay Arm Cover

T-44010-40-0-* ; Parallel Sliding System handle

T-10181-00-0-1 ; Corner Transmission

T-10181-02-0-1 ; Security Corner Transmission

T-10180-**-0-1 ; 15 mm Gear

T-18104-**-0-1 ; Back Connection Gear

T-18114-**-0-* ; Profile Kit for PVC Systems

T-19009-**-0-1 ; Tilt Locking Plate (Bottom Tilt)

T-18113-00-0-1 ; Top Connection Holder Set

T-18115-00-0-1 ; Support Part for Aluminum Systems

T-18116-**-0-* ; Bottom Cover Profile for Aluminium Systems

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