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Euro Groove Manual Set for ALU Systems / T-18155-00-**-*

TGP Systems presents Euro Groove Manual Set for ALU Systems.

The set has ;

T-18100-00-*-1130 kg Roller Set
T-18101-00-0-*Accessories Kits
T-18103-00-0-1Stay Arm Set
T-18102-00-0-*Stay Arm Cover Set
T-61190-00-0-*Parallel Sliding Handle
A-12002-00-0-1Corner Transmission ( 2 Pcs )
A-12003-00-0-1Gear Connection
A-01098-13-0-1Alu System Locking Plate
T-18113-00-0-1Top Connection Holder set
T-18115-00-0-*Support Part for Aluminium Systems

Product Name                                                    Code

Euro Groove Manual Set with Handle           T-18155-00-**-*

Euro Groove Manual Set without Handle     T-18160-00-**-*

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