TGP Glass Channel Systems Non Barrier - Aluminum and Upvc Systems TGP Glass Channel Systems Non Barrier

TGP Glass Channel Systems Non Barrier

As TGP Systems brand, we proudly announce the Glass Channel Systems

Why TGP Glass Channel Systems?

We offer the feeling of freedom thanks to only glass non-barrier railing system.

The frameless glass channel balustrade system is a light model, and suitable for domestic applications.Both top and fascia mounting methods have an integrated water drainage system and innovative safety wedge assembly system.

All profiles are manufactured in Aluminium to a brushed stainless steel effect and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

Channel glass can create sweeping, virtually seamless glass walls uninterrupted by metal frames, including glass-to-glass corners and serpentine curves.

TGP Railing Systems are available in 3 types; railing combined with glass, railing with horizontal elements and finally railing with cylindrical profiles. Now, we have a new design of glass support system which are preferable by architects especially for swimming pools, balconies and stairs with high architectural requirements.

TGP Glass Channel Systems offers 2 different basic types ; on-foor and in-foor. Thanks to different dimension of bases (15cm, 20cm and 30 cm) , system will have maximum stability with 120 cm glass height and glass of 20 mm thickness.