TGP Systems

Wrong Operation Safety Device / T-10189-50-0-1

Wrong Operation Safety Device with Sash positioner&Locking Plates/T-10189-50-0-1/T-19050-**-0-1

Designed for use with TGP gears/espagnolette only.
Prevent accidentally putting the window into T&T mode. Handle can not be operated to engage tilt mode while the window is still open in the turn mode.

This device also work as sash positioner. Thanks to WOSP(Mishandling Device), the window is raised up so it fits into its correct position in the frame,
easy and effortless.
Position of WOSP is located close to the spindle.
Locking plates should be decided acc. to the profile. Correct position of the locking plate is very important for the performance of the device.
Wrong Operation Safety Device is using with Sash positioner&Locking Plates and the code number of device is; T-10189-50-0-1/ code number of the locking plate is T-19050-**-0-1.


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