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Automatic and Affordable Awning Systems

We are here with solutions suitable for your space and budget. We use quality materials, quality fabrics and quality motors in our products. More product details are below.

Cassette Awning

lt’s a system that protects the fabric against sun’s negative impact, in particular, and any other adverse weather conditions. lt’s automatic and also economically reasonable since it decreases maintenance costs.

Articulated Awning

Our classical articulated awning is a highly acclaimed awning model since it’s economically reasonable, yet sturdy. It’s also preferred pretty much, thanks to the aesthetic contribution of acrylic fabric and design to the overall sight of the venues. All the construction is aluminum injection moulds and powder-coated. The System can be provided bot manual and motorised.

Window Awning

Window awning is a beautiful-looking, multi-functional product that protects your spaces from the effects of sun and rain, and provides an attractive, decorative and conceptual appearance to store and home windows. all kinds of doors such as balcony or entrance. The cassette of the system protects both the mechanism and the fabric. The system, which comes in various colors, is automatic and user-friendly. The tilt angle range is between 0-160°. which allows you to let in as much sunlight as you want..



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