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Fire Resistant Door

Fire doors are vital products to be used in residential areas, shopping malls, hospitals, offices, cinemas, theaters and concert halls, hotels, factories, and warehouses. The wide range of TGP Fire doors are sufficient to meet the needs of these different projects.

Fire doors, which allow emergency evacuation of the place in case of fire, are very important for human life and are of greater importance especially in areas where lots of people live or work and where human activity is intense. Fire doors can be designed also covering decorative appeals as well as having functional features. Fire doors have the option of being manufactured in accordance with the concept and colors of stylish designed spaces and aesthetically pleasing areas where visuality is important. There are mainly two types of systems each with different dimensions, single-leaf fire doors and double-leaf fire doors. Fire doors should made from durable metals and accessories, all of which must apply to internationally accepted standards in order not to risk any human lives.


Fire doors have different classes according to their heat resistance properties and smoke permeability. It is important to be careful about the technical features in selecting the appropriate fire door, certification should be seeked. TGP Fire Doors have been tested in different classes and have certificates.

TGP is well known for its pre-sales technical support and after-sales installation and maintenance service of fire doors. Expert consultancy must be taken in order to ensure that the specimens are determined correctly at the project state and also for correct and problem-free usage afterwards.

TGP Fire doors are designed taking into consideration both visual and functional criteria of the architecture, suitable colors and accessories are used to complete the decoration of the area.

TGP Fire doors have many options such as single or double leaf, glass window, panic-bar,etc. According to the needs of the project, doors are designed to be opened with ease, durable, and capable of rapid evacuation in case of fire.

Apart from general usage areas, the sheet metal doors which are used in industrial areas are produced with high quality and fast in various specifications and technical details. We can name these doors under the headings of Flat, Glass, Grill, Stainless and Sliding Metal doors.

Due to their long life time and stability, sheet metal doors are preferred in commonly used areas instead of wood and aluminum doors.

In all kinds of electricity, generator, transformer rooms, installation or boiler rooms, etc. Grilled sheet metal doors are used as they are suitable for air flow passage. It is also possible to install mosquito nets behind the grills.

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