Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

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Did you know that your living spaces can be much more comfortable by taking advantage of the aluminum horizontal sliding windows option?

In order to create a comfortable environment in your home or office, you must be very meticulous in choosing sliding windows material. They are very privileged elements that allow fresh air to enter the atmosphere. Making a wrong choice about windows also brings various problems. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the details related to aluminum horizontal sliding windows, which is one of the ideal solutions.




Here are the TGP Systems aluminium sliding windows materials for sale,  contact us for prices


TGP Systems Horizontal Aluminum Sliding Systems Products for Sale with Best Prices

TGP Felix Lift and Slide Systems

You can find our product codes that are related to Lift and Slide Systems below;

Kit (200kg/300kg)
Front Roller, Rear Roller, Spacer Roller, Spacer Gear, Locking Bolt, Locking Bolt Night Vent, Rear Roller Spacer-Plastic, Guide for Road, Rear Stopper

  • HS-10128-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10138-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-40001-0-0-* ; Internal Handle without Cylinder and Screw Base
  • HS-40002-0-0-* ; Internal Handle with Cylinder and Screw Base
  • HS-40003-0-0-* ; Double Handle without Cylinder
  • HS-40004-0-0-* ; Double Handle with Cylinder
  • HS-40005-0-0-* ; External Handle
  • HS-10000-15-0-1; Connecting Rod 720-1500
  • HS-10000-20-0-1; Connecting Rod 1501-2000
  • HS-10000-25-0-1; Connecting Rod 2001-2500
  • HS-10000-32-0-1; Connecting Rod 2501-3200
  • HS-310 ; Bottom Keeper Vent
  • HS-308 ; Sash Aligment Part
  • HS-307 ; Additional Roller
  • HS-312 ; Sealing Piece
  • HS-313 ; Treshold Profile
  • HS-10300-00-985-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Geneo S985 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-785-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Brillant S785 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-172-1 ; 300 kg Salamander S172 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-900-1 ; 300 kg Gealan S9000 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-082-1 ; 300 kg Veka Slide S82 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-001-1 ; 300 kg Veratec Hebeschiebe System Kit
  • HS-10300-01-300-1 ; 300 kg Alumil M300 Falcon Kit
  • HS-10200-01-560-1 ; 200 kg Alumil S560 Kit
  • HS-10300-01-680-1 ; 300 kg ELVIAL 6800 OPTIMUM KIT
  • HS-10300-01-230-1 ; 300 kg Exalco Albio 230 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-235-1 ; 200 kg Exalco Albio 235 Kit
  • HS-10300-01-055-1 ; 300 kg Akpa HS 55 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-065-1 ; 200 kg Sistem Aluminium S 65 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-047-1 ; 200 kg M 147


TGP Fortuna Paralel Sliding System

You can find our related product codes below;

  • T-18100-00-R-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Right
  • T-18100-00-L-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Left
  • T-18101-00-0-* ; Accessories Kits
  • T-18103-00-0-1 ; Stay Arm
  • T-18102-00-0-* ; Stay Arm Cover
  • T-44010-40-0-* ; Parallel Sliding System handle
  • T-10181-00-0-1 ; Corner Transmission
  • T-10181-02-0-1 ; Security Corner Transmission
  • T-10180-**-0-1 ; 15 mm Gear
  • T-18104-**-0-1 ; Back Connection Gear
  • T-18114-**-0-* ; Profile Kit for PVC Systems
  • T-19009-**-0-1 ; Tilt Locking Plate (Bottom Tilt)
  • T-18113-00-0-1 ; Top Connection Holder Set
  • T-18115-00-0-1 ; Support Part for Aluminum Systems
  • T-18116-**-0-* ; Bottom Cover Profile for Aluminium Systems

TGP Fleet Slide and Fold Systems

You can find the figure sets of TGP Fleet Slide – Fold Systems below;

  • FS-401 – Runner Set
  • FS-402 – Runner Connector Set
  • FS-403 – Slide-Fold Runner Support Part, for Aluminium Systems
  • FS-404 – Rail Set (3000 /4000 /5000 /6000 mm)
  • FS-405 – Slide-Fold Hinge
  • FS-406 – Slide-Fold Hinge Support Part
  • FS-407 – Folding Catch



What are aluminum horizontal sliding windows?

The question of how to make horizontal aluminum sliding windows is often one of the main questions on the minds of individuals in the home renovation process. Let’s take a closer look at all the details related to the aluminum frame sliding windows. This allows easier use and manages to be a cheaper solution!

Designed as a single pane, the most crucial aspect of this window system is its ease of use, but it does not leak air in case of a storm. In addition, because it is very affordable, it is one of the preferences of almost everyone.

What are horizontal sliding windows called?

Aluminum horizontal sliding windows are often referred to as a frame sliding windows. The basis of its terminology in this way is that it is possible to shift the glass part to the right or left. This feature, which emphasizes ease of use, also allows you to save space in some commercial buildings. For this reason, aluminum frame sliding windows and doors is very advantageous for versatile use.

How much aluminum horizontal sliding windows cost?

It is necessary to take into account the factors that play a role in determining the prices of window systems that will be used for ventilation of a closed space. If these factors are not taken into account, it is usually possible to face surprise costs. If you also do not want to encounter surprise costs, you should take a look at these factors.

What are the factors that determine the price of aluminium sliding windows material?

The factors determining the price associated with sliding frame windows and doors, which will be preferred for use in Home, Office, or commercial areas, differ. Here we have compiled the elements to consider for you below!

  • Window Sizes
  • Quality of Window Systems
  • Number of Windows

By paying attention to the above details, the installation of a aluminium sliding window system will also open the doors to a successful solution.

Vertical or horizontal aluminum sliding windows

Choosing between vertical or horizontal aluminium sliding windows material when choosing a sliding frame depends entirely on individual demands. Because the characteristics of the living space and what purposes the area will be used for may vary. Resorting to a solution that suits your own needs leads you to have impeccable options. In addition, you need to make your choice to take advantage of an option that is more visually suitable for living space. Let’s make your choice and have the best aluminum sliding window options.


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Tgp systems designs and supplies complate Alu-Pvc systems for construction industry. We carry a wide range of products both for privete houses and commercial projects. We are founded, owned and operated by a group of highly experienced business executives and we work with architechs, investor and partner companies in Europe.

We provide top quality at affordable prices, fast delivery, waranty and professional service.

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Each TGP system branch has his own strategy to make better service. Not only keeping product stock but also making contract with the best delivery companies in your country or delivering by our own vehicles are service options. We have also simples ways that we can work together with you. Such as; to have forecast, to be updated with you usages. Important information that will help us to improve our service. Please check

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We are just a call, fax or e-mail away. Time is an important value for our life so we make business with TGP Systems as quick and easy as possible. You can call our TGP sales offıces to speak with sales responsible who can advice on your needs, discuss product options and take your order. We also know that modern world has much more options than the phone. We can accept your orders or questions by fax or e-mail. Please check for more information.

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