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Tilt First Stay Arms / T-10187-04-0-1

Secure your room especially for your childs with tilt first stay arms. Thanks to this special stay arm, window system will be in tilt position (not turn ) when you open the window.

This product should be used with special locking plates.
The stay arm is attached to the stay arm connecting plate this way it is fixed more firmly to the frame and the number of article codes is reduced.
The stay arm is clipsed in the tilt position, this way the sash can not be accidentally smashed by the air currents.
The stay arm has an integrated wrong operation safety device in order to prevent
The stay arm is universal left and right, 9/13 mm the accidental maneuvering of the sash from the tilt position in the turn position.
The horizontal adjustment of the sash ( -2 / + 3 mm) can be made by using Allen key positioned in the stay arm. It is made of steel parts, if exceed adjustment the screw won’t break
The gasket pressure can be adjusted (-0,8 / + 0,8 mm) by using Allen key.
Thanks to special support part on the stay arm, the movement of the middle lock is limited right-left or up-down.

Tilt First Stay Arms;

In addition to these informations, there are cover products, which is important to have when you are using Tilt First systems. You can find the codes of them below;

Locking Plates for Tilt First Stay Arms;


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