TGP Systems

TGP Focus Mortise Lock, PVC, 92 mm /T-50000-92-25-1

Mortise locks require a pocket to be cut (mortised) into the door. They are heavy enough to support solid cast knobs and architectural handles.

Locking is done by turning the key.

The latch is reversible. Easy to change on left or right.

You can find our mortise lock and relatable product model codes below;

TGP Focus Mortise Lock, PVC, 92 mm

T-50000-92-25-1 (25)

T-50000-92-30-1 (30)

T-50000-92-35-1 (35)

T-50000-92-40-1 (40)

TGP Profile Cylinder, Brass, 6+6 Brass pins, 3 pcs brass computer keys,1 pcs antidrill bar

T-56000-10-0-1 (100 mm)(40/50)

T-56000-90-0-1 (90 mm)(42/38)

T-56000-80-0-1 (80 mm)(35/35)

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