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Extension Glass Enclosures

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Do you want better quality solutions in your living spaces with Extension glass enclosures? It will be a privilege to live in a house with a garden! Besides, to benefit from quality to experience this privilege, all you have to do is create a quality system! As TGP Systems, we support you with our extension glass enclosure solutions.

What is an Extension Glass Enclosure?

Want to build a new habitat? Then you can meet this demand with the extension glass enclosures ideas. If you have an area in your garden or terrace that you do not use, this solution will be for you. Also known as Glass sunroom extensions, these solutions provide a spacious and comfortable living space. Moreover, due to the lack of use of aluminum, it reveals a modern image. You should also consider this solution, which provides a transition area between indoor and outdoor space. It also offers a front entry solution while allowing you to take advantage of natural light.

What is the difference between a glass extension and a conservatory?

The most basic difference between these two options is aesthetically . These 2 types  have quite a lot of similar features but they are not same. The glass extension offers a flawless visual, while the conservatory is less aesthetic. Conservatory’s problem is due to its metal parts. To take advantage of both solutions, you need to get permission and expand your structure. But in single-layer glass extension solutions, it is also possible to resort to the solution without permission.

How Much does an Extension Glass Enclosure Cost?

You can take advantage of quality solutions related to Glass box extensions. It is the aesthetic quality that makes these solutions different from others. Each of which will add value to your living space. So, how much do you have to pay to have this visual wonder? To get the clearest information on this subject, it is essential to consider the factors affecting glass extension prices. Below we have listed the details that affect prices for you!

Area Size

As the area where the glass extension application will take place grows, the fees you must pay will also increase. Based on this, there is an increase in the number of materials and workmanship.

Quality of Materials Used

The most valuable issue associated with the Glass extension is material quality. For this reason, as the quality of the material increases, there will also be an increase in the fees. Creating solutions without ignoring material quality opens the door to more successful alternatives.

Besides space size and material quality, the value of the brand is great. Therefore, it is important that you also receive support from TGP Systems. As TGP Systems, we both offer quality and  high standards. Do you want to get the highest standards concerning glass extension? You can contact us and get the best solution. We serve you with our experience and quality. Please contact TGP Systems!


You can get help from our Whatsapp Support Line for your questions.


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