We are Different - TGP Systems We are Different

We are Different

TGP Systems is different. We  are different , not because we weren’t satisfied, but because we decided to do something  about it. They are just windows, doors, hardware, right? In fact, all those affect everything from comfort and energy efficiency to safety and security. We are aware how important this and serve you from one hand with different options, advices and services. Here are some products;

The Insect Screen

You only need an insect screen when your windows are open. So why you block 50% of your view and 50% of natural light? This is why we have integrated retractable-plisse insect flyscreen systems.


The European Style Windows

Cranks are very sensetive products. Most of the cranks strip, break, loosed and fail over time.  European style windows can be swinged like a door or tilted the top of the sash for ventilation. One handle controls both operations. The tilt turn is ideal for providing fresh air or access in cases where an egress option is needed. In European-style windows safety and security levels are much better.

The Glass

Glass is the most important part of the windows and doors to maximize your windows’ perfromance in accordance with energy efficiency. Thanks to experienced TGP sales team, all our partners will be informed about glass options to have best energy efficency matters.