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Rebate Hinge / T-13196-**-*-1

Thanks to the rebate hinge, you do not need to use drilling jig (sash part). TGP T&T
system can be assembled by using one jig (frame part), instead of 2 jigs.
The gasket pressure adjustment 0,8 mm (+ / – ) can be made by 4 mm allen key.
Improved resistance with usage of steel hinge compared to zinc type of hinges.
The suitable positioning of the screw holes, 5 points, allows you to have firmly assembly of the hinge.
You can find our models below;
Rebate Hinge                Covers                     Stay Arm Bearing      Jig
T-13196-09-L-1              T-13196-00-L-*        T-10186-02-0-1         T-10189-12-0-0
T-13196-09-R-1             T-13196-00-R-*



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