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ABC 950 Sealant 600 ml / T-71650-00-0-95

ABC 950 Sealant 600 ml / T-71650-00-0-95



ABC 950 Neutal Silicone is single component neutral silicone with easy application properties


Product Description


  • Excellent adhesion and durability in aluminum
    composites and joinery, PVC, marble and glass
  • In aluminium, composites and joinery, PVC and marble joints
  • In exterior, excellent adhesion and durability in aluminium composites application
  • Windows frames
  • Marble, granite and other naturel stones

Properities / Advantages

  • Color stability. Resistant to UV
  • High durabilitiy to weather conditions such as
    rain, snow, wind and direct sunlight
  • Non-corrosive
  • Keeps elasticity after curing
  Product Information    Chemical Components Alkoxy Silicone  Packaging Information In 310 ml cartridges (30 pcs.)  Colors Transparent, White, Black, Gray, Brown, Golden Oak  For more color options, please contact ABC Sales Team.  Shelf Life and Storage Conditions In original unopened and undamaged packaging,   dry loading, direct  When stored between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C protected from sunlight, production  12 months from now.    

Technicial Specifications  Chemical nature Alkoxy Silicone (Neutral Curing)  Curing System By air humidity  Density 1.02 ± 0.03 gr / cm3 (ISO 1183-1 A)  Application rate: 300 ml / min. (23 ° C)  Skinning time ~ 35 min. (23 ° C, 50% humidity)  Curing rate ~ 2 mm / 24 hours (23 ° C, 50% humidity)  Hardness, Shore A ~ 24 (after 28 days) (ISO 868)  Elongation at break 300% (ISO 8339)  Tensile strength 0.7 MPa (ISO 8339)  Service temperature -40 ° C / +150 ° C  Modulus 0.37 MPa at 100% Elongation (ISO 8339)  Tear Strength ~ 4.5 N / mm (ISO 34)  Does not sag (ISO 7390)    

    Application details    ▪ Surfaces; clean, dry, oil and grease free, dust and dust free, cement grout  from poor paint and coating that may contaminate the finished silicone adhesion badly.  It should be a clean, homogeneous surface.  ▪ Since ABC 950 Neutral Silicone requires atmospheric moisture to cure, it  Do not use in details.  ▪ The joint should probably have the mobility of the sealant. Minimum joint size 5x5 mm  should be. For joints that are too wide, the joint depth should be as wide. Joint depth joint  READY SPEED READY level  ▪ ABC 950 Neutral Silicone product on absorbent surfaces such as marble, granite or other natural stones. This  There may be greasy / staining on the surfaces.  ▪ Recommended for ABC 950 Neutral Silicone or high physical stress joints.  is not. In addition, it is not glass work that will contact with food or for networking and insulation purposes. Alternative  Please contact Technical Service for products.  ▪ In joints that will be constantly submerged and water exposure time is in use.  ▪ ABC 950 Neutral Silicone is not suitable for medical or pharmacological applications.  ▪ Do not use ABC 950 Neutral Silicone in the joints in and around the pool.  ▪ ABC 950 Neutral Silicone cannot be painted over.  ▪ As a result of exposure to chemicals, high temperatures and UV rays (especially colored grout  color variations may occur. But this change in color, dishwasher technical and  will not adversely affect the negative effect.  ▪ By pressing with a silicone spatula for 5 minutes after the application to ensure sufficient contact with the surface.  must be corrected. This process makes the silicone adhere better.

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