Door Lock Parts Names

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The door is one of the most important parts that ensure the security of your home. The lock system is a important part of the security. Dangers that may come from outside are prevented thanks to this system. Besides, it is one of the sines qua non of almost every home or workplace. Because it provides a sense of trust for people.
Do you want to provide the indispensable security of your living spaces? Also open the door to a higher quality overflow? We recommend that you take a look at what parts the door lock set on the door. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of better quality TGP Door Lock options!

What are the parts of a door lock?

In door lock systems, special options should be mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at what parts of security are essential!


The importance of the chassis in a lock system is very valuable. This mechanism, located inside, is the part that performs the entire task. It is not possible to talk about a lock system when no part determines what the lock type will be.


It is sometimes referred to as a rose, this piece is preferred to obtain a decorative aspect. Trim type and characteristics also vary according to the lock preferred by individuals. You should take a look at the lock types to benefit from the most ideal trim options.


This part is the most important element of security. Because it makes it possible to open the door with a key. Deadbolt quality, one of the most important parts of the doors, is at the head of the elements that affect safety.


Thanks to this part, which protects the lock from external influences, the lock is safe. Do you want to ensure that your lock is in a better state? Then you should pay attention to the faceplate quality.

Strike Plate

Similar to Faceplate, this part improves the quality of the lock and ensures visual perfection. The stire plate is a a decorative and functional part. Besides, the strike plate door lock is one of the most special parts of lock systems.


It is the part that provides the connection in door lock systems. It also helps the lock mechanism work. In this aspect, the spindle is one of the most important elements of lock systems.

Door lock systems are very valuable in terms of usage areas and quality. It is very valuable to resort to quality solutions when buying a lock set. Because the lock you will use can be for sliding doors, patio doors, french doors, storm doors. You should benefit from special solutions for each door system. With special solutions such as a Cylinder lock, you can bring quality to the top. Do not forget to take advantage of TGP Systems privileges when making your choice!

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