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How to Secure Windows

Home means a safe place for us all. To make that happen, what you need is burglar proof windows.  Read our guide to learn the best way to secure a window from the inside and details about window protection. Secure windows and doors are crucial points in a house and you and your families deserve the best quality window security possible.

Deciding your window type is only the first step. Next comes the security part of them and how durable they are against unwanted visitors.

To clear the questions in your head, as TGP window and door systems, we answered the most asked questions and introduce you a couple of window security products you should consider for your home.

How to secure your home

There is much information on the internet about the ways to secure your home. However, among them, there is also less useful information or simply ones you don’t really need. So, what you need is filtered and beneficial tips and solutions to secure windows and doors.

On this post we gathered the information you need to reach your secure home, making it safe for your family. TGP window and door systems are here for your ultimate comfort.

The idea of a window security lock is the first solution many people come up with when it comes to window protection. And using locks are useful.  Except sometimes the regular locks may be inadequate. That may result in you experiencing loss materially and spiritually.

TGP window systems offer a wide range of window security products to improve your life quality. These products are designed to make your home safer and are of high quality.

  • Security lock

Offering baby proof feature, security locks are powerful and suitable for plastic and metal windows.

  • Window restrictor

With its metal structure and easy montage, window restrictors are suitable for many different types of windows including tilt and turn, sliding windows/doors and conventional ones.

  • Fora window handle-lockable

Lockable window handles are popular choices for families with kids. You can easily lock the windows and don’t have to worry about your children’s safety when you’re not at home.

  • Extra safety lock

Resistant to 1-ton pressure, extra safety locks are among our top preferred window security products.

  • Security lock with hook

Providing an easy montage, locks with hooks are baby proof and child secure.


How do I secure my home windows from burglars

Secure windows and doors are our priorities for our customers. Because we know the importance our most private spaces carry. As TGP, we believe hard work pays off. With our years of experience in the field, our window security products maximize the safety and comfort of your home.

By adding window protection to your windows, you enhance the protection quality of them. After all, a high-quality window is good but the best way to secure a window from the inside is with security products.

How to secure windows without bars

Windows with bars are often preferred when your house is on lower floors. Sometimes, people who live on the upper floors also choose window bars because of their kids or lovely pets.

Bars may offer security, however; they are not the best choices when it comes to design and appearance. They hinder the window view and are dangerous in case of fire or other hazardous situations.

TGP window security products, on the other hand, provide security with style. When it comes to window protection, we’re certain to find one suitable for your windows.

How to secure sliding windows

Sliding windows are considered favourable to enjoy the view from your home and enjoy the seasons without external inconveniences.

How to ensure security for sliding windows is one of the frequently asked questions from our customers. Our sliding window locks are high-quality and last longer than regular locks. Its special design makes it appealing and blends in with your stylish sliding window.

We also provide other items to maximize your sliding window experience such as Stopper for aluminium simple sliding systems.

How to secure double-hung windows

By its very nature, a double-hung window is very durable and dependable in case of accidents.  Known for its improved ventilation, double-hung windows protect you from vitiated air.

If you have been thinking about double-hung windows for your home but uncertain about the security part, don’t worry. Apart from being resistant to unwanted inconveniences, double-hung windows are also secure with their locking systems. You can also add other security equipment and enhance as you please.