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Glass Channel Balustrade

Embrace the view!

Glass Channel Balustrade

Embrace the view!

Let’s face it! When the sun does turn up, we like to make the most of it and we like to enjoy the view without the frames. TGP Systems offers the feeling of freedom, thanks to its only glass non-barrier railing system.  A frameless glass balustrade may provide spectacular results every time, making the most of the views with clean lines and simple installation.

Nowadays, Glass staircases and frameless balustrades are becoming an increasingly popular option in staircase trends. Glass panels help to create light and airy interior spaces, making even the darkest, narrowest hallways appear bigger and brighter.


What are the design options that Glass Channel Railing System may provide?

You will be surprised how many options there are when it comes to selecting a railing base for your glass railing installation. Design and safety complement one another perfectly in TGP Systems Glass Channel Balustrade System. TGP Railing Systems are available in 3 types; railing combined with glass, railing with horizontal elements and finally railing with cylindrical profles.

TGP Glass Channel Systems (TGS) offers 2 different basic types ; on-foor and in-foor. Thanks to different dimension of bases (15cm, 20cm and 30 cm) , system will have maximum stability with 120 cm glass height and glass of 20 mm thickness.

Preferable designs for your interiors and exteriors.

TGP Systems does not only offer wide range of options, but also provide lightening and clear solutions for your interior and exterior designs. Swimming pools, balconies and stairs are the most popular areas where you can apply the glass channel balustrade systems for an aesthetic and clear look.

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