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TGP Systems presents TGP Glazing Lux System (Top Hang)

-Draw panels of all heights easily with one hand

-One piece parking station allows for smooth gliding. No jamming.

-Long-lasting product even with heavy windows. Problem-free operation for long years due to heavy-duty window pins and profile design.

-Sill-free one piece parking station makes this system an ideal indoor and outdoor application. Perfect solution for cafes, malls and office spaces.

-Tailor-made parking station designs based on customer demands:

-Parking bays parallel to track

-Parking bays vertical to rail

-Multiple integrated parking stations

-No parking bay, panels free-hang from the middle (butterfly system)

-Movable panel walls

-Silent, powerful, smooth roller design

-Top and bottom horizontal gaskets keep out dust and water

-Panel pins concealed between panels can be locked into the floor and provides maximum security

-Corrosion-resistant roller sets and zinc profile covers

-Easy installation with adjustable hinges system

-Elegant side chassis profile

Technical Details;

Max. system height 4000 mm

Max. panel width 1200 mm

Glass thickness 10 mm (tempered)

Profile colours RAL or Anodised ( profile caps gray or black colour)

Especially for entrance/exits needs no-threshold. (system accumulates on a parking bay)

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