aluminium sliding windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows

TGP Systems Aluminum Sliding Products for Sale with Best Prices

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More and more homeowners now choose aluminium sliding windows materials for their renovations. And there are good reasons for their choice. In terms of price and durability, aluminium windows have proved themselves to be worthy of homeowner’s choice. This time, we tell you all you need to know about aluminium sliding windows from the cost to sizes, details about materials to their need of repair.


Here are the TGP Systems aluminium sliding windows products for sale,  contact us for aluminium sliding windows prices


TGP Systems Aluminium Sliding Systems Materials for Sale with Best Prices

TGP Felix Lift and Slide Systems

You can find our product codes that are related to Lift and Slide Systems below;

Kit (200kg/300kg)
Front Roller, Rear Roller, Spacer Roller, Spacer Gear, Locking Bolt, Locking Bolt Night Vent, Rear Roller Spacer-Plastic, Guide for Road, Rear Stopper

  • HS-10128-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10128-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 27,5mm
  • HS-10138-18-0-1 ; 1800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-21-0-1 ; 2100 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-24-0-1 ; 2400 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-28-0-1 ; 2800 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-10138-32-0-1 ; 3200 Locking Gear,Backset 37,5mm
  • HS-40001-0-0-* ; Internal Handle without Cylinder and Screw Base
  • HS-40002-0-0-* ; Internal Handle with Cylinder and Screw Base
  • HS-40003-0-0-* ; Double Handle without Cylinder
  • HS-40004-0-0-* ; Double Handle with Cylinder
  • HS-40005-0-0-* ; External Handle
  • HS-10000-15-0-1; Connecting Rod 720-1500
  • HS-10000-20-0-1; Connecting Rod 1501-2000
  • HS-10000-25-0-1; Connecting Rod 2001-2500
  • HS-10000-32-0-1; Connecting Rod 2501-3200
  • HS-310 ; Bottom Keeper Vent
  • HS-308 ; Sash Aligment Part
  • HS-307 ; Additional Roller
  • HS-312 ; Sealing Piece
  • HS-313 ; Treshold Profile
  • HS-10300-00-985-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Geneo S985 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-785-1 ; 300 kg Rehau Brillant S785 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-172-1 ; 300 kg Salamander S172 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-900-1 ; 300 kg Gealan S9000 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-082-1 ; 300 kg Veka Slide S82 Kit
  • HS-10300-00-001-1 ; 300 kg Veratec Hebeschiebe System Kit
  • HS-10300-01-300-1 ; 300 kg Alumil M300 Falcon Kit
  • HS-10200-01-560-1 ; 200 kg Alumil S560 Kit
  • HS-10300-01-680-1 ; 300 kg ELVIAL 6800 OPTIMUM KIT
  • HS-10300-01-230-1 ; 300 kg Exalco Albio 230 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-235-1 ; 200 kg Exalco Albio 235 Kit
  • HS-10300-01-055-1 ; 300 kg Akpa HS 55 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-065-1 ; 200 kg Sistem Aluminium S 65 Kit
  • HS-10200-01-047-1 ; 200 kg M 147


TGP Fortuna Paralel Sliding System

You can find our related product codes below;

  • T-18100-00-R-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Right
  • T-18100-00-L-1 ; 130 Kg Roller Set Left
  • T-18101-00-0-* ; Accessories Kits
  • T-18103-00-0-1 ; Stay Arm
  • T-18102-00-0-* ; Stay Arm Cover
  • T-44010-40-0-* ; Parallel Sliding System handle
  • T-10181-00-0-1 ; Corner Transmission
  • T-10181-02-0-1 ; Security Corner Transmission
  • T-10180-**-0-1 ; 15 mm Gear
  • T-18104-**-0-1 ; Back Connection Gear
  • T-18114-**-0-* ; Profile Kit for PVC Systems
  • T-19009-**-0-1 ; Tilt Locking Plate (Bottom Tilt)
  • T-18113-00-0-1 ; Top Connection Holder Set
  • T-18115-00-0-1 ; Support Part for Aluminum Systems
  • T-18116-**-0-* ; Bottom Cover Profile for Aluminium Systems

TGP Fleet Slide and Fold Systems

You can find the figure sets of TGP Fleet Slide – Fold Systems below;

  • FS-401 – Runner Set
  • FS-402 – Runner Connector Set
  • FS-403 – Slide-Fold Runner Support Part, for Aluminium Systems
  • FS-404 – Rail Set (3000 /4000 /5000 /6000 mm)
  • FS-405 – Slide-Fold Hinge
  • FS-406 – Slide-Fold Hinge Support Part
  • FS-407 – Folding Catch


What is aluminium sliding window?

Sliding windows are perfect choices to make the smallest surroundings seem more spacious. Not only that, they come in both Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows and Aluminum Vertical Sliding Windows, allowing you to choose what suits you and your home the best.

Aluminium sliding windows consist of two sashes from aluminium and a relatively bigger glass part which is one of the very reasons to choose it. The sliding mechanism, making it easier to opening and closing the window, ensures a fresh air circulation inside your home all day long in all seasons. Aluminium sliding doors come in different shapes and sizes. This way, you can be sure to find a perfect one for your home.


Are aluminium sliding windows any good?

Among the window types, aluminium windows have many advantages. The most seen plus they offer is the maximized space usage. Aluminium windows also ensure quality air ventilation.

Since the windows are one of the main parts of homes, the need for maintenance also holds a special place for customers. Lasting longer in a good state is thus important. Aluminium windows can last longer than other window types with less maintenance.


Which is better PVC or aluminium sliding sindows?

A frequently asked question from homeowners is which window is better: PVC or aluminium windows? Though they are equal in terms of outer look, they tend to differ in durability and maintenance periods.

Aluminium windows offer a more durable state when it comes to external factors. It needs minimum to none maintenance, making it generally the best choice for homeowners that don’t want to be bothered with it.

Aluminium windows usually cost more than PVC windows; however, since it lasts longer than PVC, it is certainly not a loss.

They both can be used for residential and commercial buildings. Aluminum sliding doors and windows can have slider designs, making them easy to use. In the end, it is up to the homeowners’ choice to choose between them with their advantages.


What are the advantages of aluminium sliding windows and doors?

  • Aluminium windows and doors can stay with you for a very long time, probably decades-long. You also don’t need to maintain it.
  • Aluminium windows and doors offer maximum energy efficiency. Along with solid windows, you also help nature. They ensure a constant fresh air circulation too.
  • The light nature of aluminium windows makes it easier and quicker for installation.


How long will aluminium frame sliding windows last?

Aluminium frame sliding windows last decades, up to 45 years with maintenance-free. This feature of it makes it one of the top choices for homeowners who like durability. And alongside its strong structure, its ability to become any customized shape and size is also an essential reason to choose it.


Parts of aluminium sliding windows

Installing aluminium sliding windows doesn’t take long when it is done by professionals. When you order, the windows come with its parts which are:

  • The bottom rail
  • Top rail
  • Rollers
  • Sill
  • Locks
  • Sliding panels
  • Jamb
  • Insect screen


The inside parts of aluminium sliding windows consist of frame, lower sash, aluminium bracket, air latch, glass sealant, hollow glass and pane. They make the aluminium sliding frame windows strong and durable against the coming years and offer easy use with minimum to zero maintenance.

TGP Window and Door Systems offer your homes aluminium sliding windows of high quality. Contact us for the first step to your dream home!


Here are the TGP Systems sliding products, click the image below:

aluminium sliding windows



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We are just a call, fax or e-mail away. Time is an important value for our life so we make business with TGP Systems as quick and easy as possible. You can call our TGP sales offıces to speak with sales responsible who can advice on your needs, discuss product options and take your order. We also know that modern world has much more options than the phone. We can accept your orders or questions by fax or e-mail. Please check for more information.

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    […] Aluminum sliding windows are known to be very stylish and trendy in the market. They are also known to be durable and heavy-duty. However, their low price might scare you off since there are still other types of replacement windows that are more affordable. If you are one of those people who are looking for a cheaper yet good alternative to vinyl windows, then aluminum sliding windows may be right for you. Here are some tips that will help you find the best aluminum sliding windows for your house and will make you enjoy their benefits as well. […]