Aluminum balustrade

Aluminum Balustrade Systems

TGP offers variety solutions with Round Balustrade Systems, Square Balustrade Systems

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Aluminum balustrade is a product group that utilizes the power of aluminum to offer unique and advantageous features. These products can be named as aluminum railing systems too.
TGP offers variety solutions of railing systems like Round Balustrade Systems, Square Balustrade System and Glass Channel Systems that can be used for windows, doors, stairs, balcony, pool and terraces too.

What are the benefits of using TGP Systems Aluminum Balustrade systems?


– Our products are designed and produced according to NF P01-013 and NF P08-301, DYNAMIC IMPACT test standards.
– All connection parts (such as screws, allen etc.) of the balustrade accessories are
produced with stainless stell/inox material in order to prevent rust.
– The colour stability especially match between accessories and profiles is a priority in our quality standards.
Aluminum balustrade


– TGP Aluminum railing accessories are anodized and this way aluminum has a guaranteed rust free life. Anodizing depth is 16-18 μm .
– The profiles has QUALANOD certificate of anodizing surface quality.


– Installation and maintenance of aluminum railing systems cost is lower compared to inox steel railing systems.
– Suitable for both internal or external locations, staircases, balconies and galleries.
– The “hygienic” anodizing is ideal for health and medical centers, schools, retirement
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